Contact Me

How to Contact Me

Method 1

  1. Learn my True Name
  2. Suffocate a pigeon in ~ 1 L rat blood
  3. Induce gnostic trance
  4. Write my True Name and your message to me in pigeon-infused rat blood on the pages of a stolen bible
  5. Burn this message in the flame of a black candle while chanting the chorus of Morbid Angel’s “Lord of All Fevers and Plague”

Method 2

Fill out the following form. If you want to tell me what an insensitive twat I am, knock yourself out. If you want to leave genuine feedback on my posts, maybe it’s better to do it in the “comments.” If you’re a band or label interested in getting me to review your music, make sure to include a link to your website. I will respond with my snail mail address for you to send me a CD, or a Dropbox folder if you’d rather send me your stuff in digital format.

Editorial Policy

I love listening to new music but I don’t necessarily like everything. In particular I’m not too keen on stuff that sounds “like everything else” that’s already out there. That being said, if I don’t like your music, I just won’t write a review. I don’t think it helps the underground music world to fill the Internets with bad reviews of unsigned bands.  On the other hand, if you’ve gotten some success and I think your band sucks, well, I might have to say something about that…


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