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  1. She doesn’t like Jewish people? As with any form of ethnic or religious discrimination, that is unfortunate. But it pales in comparison to the language of those elected on the right. Don’t take my word for it: “American Christians have the right to ‘kill all males’ who support abortion, same-sex marriage or communism (so long as they first give such infidels the opportunity to renounce their heresies)” These are your elected officials.


    • Wow, heavy stuff but importantly (from the article) “Shea has now been “suspended” from the House Republican caucus, and Wilcox has called for his resignation.” He reminds me of our local Christer albatross, Roy Moore. However:

      1 — I never heard of this cat until you sent this link. He’s a nobody. Tlaib is a superstar. So, apples vs. oranges. You wanna bet if we really dive into Democrat also-rans that we won’t find similar craziness? Are you familiar with a man named Louis Farrakhan for instance?

      2 — Nobody on the right is supporting him. A search of him online finds zero right wing outlets, mainstream or “alt”, coming to his defense. Nobody on the left ever punches left, no matter what. If Rashida Tlaib pulled out a gun and shot Mitch McConnell dead, CNN would find a way to explain why it was okay.

      3 — “Pales in comparison?” The mainstream left unironically supports Antifa, a paramilitary terrorist organization VASTLY larger than these so-called “right-wing militias”. One could argue that guys like Shea are responding sensibly to people like Eric Swalwell who threaten to nuke rural Republicans, or the fact that law enforcement appears to be incapable of protecting us from leftist rioters, hackers, and other assorted scumbags.

      4 — Did you look at the “manifesto” (what a bullshit word), or are you just taking this article, from a very biased left-wing source, at its word? It definitely doesn’t say “American Christians have the right to kill all males” etc that you and the article quote. It’s just an outline, which makes it quite hard to intuit what its intent is. What it looks like to me on first glance is a scholarly/religious attempt to understand what the Bible says about civil war. Indeed, when somebody bothered to ask him, Shea said it was an outline of one or more sermons: https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/414450-fbi-investigating-washington-state-rep-for-manifesto-urging-all-males. As I understand it, it’s pretty common for Christians to try to understand the world using the text of the Bible, which, if you missed it, has some pretty violent stuff in it (like killing all the men in a defeated tribe). As mentioned above, and elsewhere in this blog, much that the left says can be interpreted as a threat of violence against the right (and vice versa, I’m sure). It seems reasonable to me that a Christian — or a Muslim or a Jew or whatever — would attempt to understand what the “right” way to fight such threats would be within the context of their faith.

      5 — There’s obviously a lot of history to this guy’s attitudes and what’s going on in his district that we are very poorly informed about. As I recall, Ammon Bundy, who they keep tarring Shea with by association, had vary particular beefs with the government that weren’t related to ideology or religion, and resulted in armed stand-offs where the government was not clearly in the right. Wall-papering over all of that with some dumbass narrative about “white supremacy” or “right wing terrorism” or whatever appears to me to be just another example of the leftist media trying to stir up hatred against rural Americans and “white people” in order to improve their chances of obtaining power again.

      Hope all is well; good to hear from you again!

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