3 comments on “WTF, Ukraine: Kin Selection and the Death of Nations

  1. Interesting piece. I’m curious to see what effect globalization enabled by technology will have on ‘organic nations’. I had a sense that Ukraine was a country divided, but didn’t realize it was so stark. Although I’ll concede there are certainly distinct regions in the U.S., I’m not so covinced it’s as absolutely divided as the media typically pushes – http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mejn/election/2012/.

    • I have drunkenly speculated many times about how the “global culture” of the internet will play out. My intuition tells me that it will turn the human world into a “well-mixed culture.” Diversity will disappear and most forms of voluntary cooperation will become untenable. Extrapolating, one might guess that a “well-mixed culture” will be so fucked up and inefficient that it can’t sustain a functioning global communications network; return to square one, 410 AD with scarier weapons.

      I’ve seen many versions of the study you link to that try to suggest the divide in the US isn’t all that bad. The assumption is that population size is what matters; which is roughly like saying Tibet should shut the fuck up about being oppressed by the Han Chinese because there are so few Tibetans in relation to their commie overlords. In fact, I’d argue that your map proves my point: vast regions of the US that are culturally distinct but sparsely populated are forcibly dominated by massive, dysfunctional urban elites that despise them.

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