3 comments on “Cosmos, Christians, and the Second Coming of Sagan

  1. Very even-handed. Color me surprised. Good points. Also, I’m glad you watched it. I’ve been shying away for the same reasons you mentioned. I had billions and billions of reasons not to watch.

  2. I think you are overanalyzing it. It was clearly not a discussion of the actions of “religion” but the very specific actions of the Catholic Church, in the context of the developing idea of heliocentrism. This does not mean that “religion” suppresses science (although it does), or even that ONLY religion is repressive (it certainly isn’t; any effort to control the population will necessarily suppress free thought). What deGrasse Tyson seemed to me to be saying was that the grandeur and beauty of the Universe is something to be appreciated, regardless of your religious bent. In fact, it seemed to me that they picked Bruno expressly because, according to the show, he felt that the infinite Universe spoke of God as greater than the traditional Deity, rather than showing that He didn’t exist.

    Overall I liked it, and so did my kids, so I figure it is +1 for science at this point :).

    • I hope I’m overanalyzing; maybe I’ve just got a hair-trigger when it comes to science/religion dogfighting. And definitely I’ll keep watching. I’m trying to decide right now whether I want to let my kids stay up till 10 on a school night to watch it together tomorrow night…

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