8 comments on “Let’s talk

  1. you care more about being famous than what you’re doing in favor of white supremacists and eugenicists.

    • I’ve approved and/or replied to 95% of the comments I’ve gotten. Were you referring to an email that you sent me? Post it as a comment and I will give it the attention it deserves.

  2. Nobody is reaching out to talk to you about this because they’re freaked out at what you said. There’s nothing to talk about. You’ve shown yourself for who you are, and that’s something to tiptoe around to protect oneself. Nobody wants a white nationalist, or a civic nationalist I should say, in their academic community, so why make polite conversation with one?

    • LOL mostly I was commenting on the lack of “fuck you nazi” comments

      But would love to see a show of hands of scientists who think “civic nationalists” should be banned from academia. You can only have an opinion on thermodynamics if you believe in open borders and would rather drink bleach than have someone accuse you of being a patriot!

      • Or for that matter, maybe I should ask for a show of hands of scientists who think “democratic socialists” (i.e. communists) should be banned from academia

        The ghost of Lysenko looms large, comrades

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