2 comments on “Why I Don’t Trust the CDC (Part 1)

  1. Hello, big fan of your blog! Just wanted to point out, with regards to one sentence “This is probably less of an issue in the UK and Israel, where the unvaxxed have just been excluded, period, from everything for several months, so no need to test them any more than anyone else.” – I’m British, and we (the unvaxxed) haven’t been excluded from much. There was a point where you needed either double vaccination or a test (all tests were always free) to attend large (10,000 people or more) events like football matches or concerts. In the devolved nations (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.. our ‘blue states’) they have/had worse rules, as they always compete with England to be seen as ‘kinder’. But I think even there, tests were always accepted.

    • Thanks for the correction! I’m going to update the post accordingly. It’s worth noting though, that if unvaxxed need to test to get admitted into places, but vaxxed don’t, that should greatly increase the estimate of the unvaxxed infection rate. Which would make the UKHSA numbers eugyppius has been posting a lowball estimate of vaxx failure…

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